[linux-elitists] Introducing Myself

Dave Barry dave@mikamyla.com
Wed Jan 7 09:33:48 PST 2004

Quothe Ben Woodard <woodard@redhat.com>, on Wed, Jan 07, 2004:
> This might be a stupid question but does anybody know if BASIC is still
> hiding there in our BIOS. 

No way, that's been gone for ages.

> I don't remember how to get into it and haven't stumbled across it in a
> while but I sort of thought it was there somewhere. I think I had an XT
> which had it for sure and there was some trick to get into it but I've
> forgotten what that trick is otherwise I'd try it on a spare machine
> that I have here.

On an XT, if there was no other OS on the machine, it would load the ROM
BASIC if I remember correctly.

Otherwise, there's the old int 0x18 method


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