[linux-elitists] Introducing Myself

Ben Woodard woodard@redhat.com
Wed Jan 7 09:17:36 PST 2004

This might be a stupid question but does anybody know if BASIC is still
hiding there in our BIOS. I don't remember how to get into it and
haven't stumbled across it in a while but I sort of thought it was there
somewhere. I think I had an XT which had it for sure and there was some
trick to get into it but I've forgotten what that trick is otherwise I'd
try it on a spare machine that I have here.


On Wed, 2004-01-07 at 03:25, Sean Neakums wrote:
> Shlomi Fish <shlomif@iglu.org.il> writes:
> > I've been programming since I was 10 years old, starting from the
> > BASIC interpreter that was invoked by default on the XT ROM BIOS (if
> > anyone can recall these days).
> No ROM BASIC.  :(

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