[linux-elitists] gnome, trial by fire

Jeff Waugh jdub@perkypants.org
Tue Jan 6 23:52:54 PST 2004

<quote who="Teh Entar-Nick">

> > > The speedup is welcome too. Any shot at cloning the spring loaded folders
> > > too one of these days?
> > 
> > Patents. :-(
> 	What exactly is a "spring-loaded" folder?

There's two kinds:

  1) When you drag files over an icon, a window of that folder is opened up
  under the mouse cursor. This can be chained as much as you want. Once
  you've dropped the files, the windows are closed. So, they 'spring-load'
  underneath you as you navigate.

  2) Windows that you drag to the side of the screen to make pop-out tabs.
  When you drag files over the tab, it pops out, but you can also click to
  open and close the tab too -> it looks kinda like a pop-out shelf. Really
  cool for folders you use all the time (for instance, I would rather use
  one of those for remote host shell/display icons than deal with menus).

While someone has implemented (1), we haven't included it due to stupid
Apple patents (plus I think the patch is way old now). I don't think anyone
has done (2).

- Jeff

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