[linux-elitists] sarge

Modus Operandi modus@as220.org
Tue Jan 6 18:01:05 PST 2004

In the immortal words of Rick Moen <rick@linuxmafia.com>:
> o  Are you still running XFree86 3.x?  If so, you might want to junk
>    your X setup before upgrading.  I mean, it'll still work, but 
>    you're better off starting afresh with the new development track's
>    4.x setup and software, unless for some reason you really love 3.x.
> o  Do you have any locally installed software that dpkg/apt doesn't 
>    know about, e.g., under /usr/local or /opt?  Since apt knows 
>    nothing of that software's dependencies, the dependencies may 
>    break unless you take measures to ensure they don't.
> o  Are you still running an incredibly ancient kernel?  You might 
>    want to fix that first.

  I took the plunge.

  I upgraded my kernel from the (ancient) 2.2.20 woody one to the
  slightly fresher 2.4.18-1-686. I upgraded from my old xserver-svga
  to XFree86 4.x, and then I did the entire apt-get dist-upgrade as per
  your instructions. It took about an hour and a half at approx. 80kB/s.
  No major snags, although for some reason I lost Galeon. Apparently, it
  now conflicts with Mozilla (I refuse to believe this, and will try to
  force that one.) I'll let you know if any other issues appear. Plus,
  finally I get to use the new GNOME that everyone is talking about. :)


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