[linux-elitists] Re: GNOME > you

Jeremy Hankins nowan@nowan.org
Tue Jan 6 07:51:30 PST 2004

Jeff Waugh <jdub@perkypants.org> writes:

> I think you should take a look at the dialogue before commenting. It
> is exceedingly clear. Perhaps irony isn't your forte.

Speaking of gnome-terminal, when I installed it on my system yesterday
(pulling in a good 75mb of stuff on my debian unstable box) and ran it,
it changed my background.  It took me a bit to notice this, as there's
only a sliver of it showing, but when I did I was quite disturbed.

Now, I don't much care about my background (it's normally plain black,
after all) and the shaded blue wasn't all that bad looking, but this is
the sort of thing that really scares me about running gnome apps.  If
experimentally running a terminal program can change my background
color, what else has it got it's tentacles in?  Sound?  GTK config?  I
dunno, and I didn't bother trying to find out.  As soon as I was done
poking around in gnome-terminal I had to clean house:

- Kill gconfd (though unfortunately not fam, as that was root owned)
- Remove all .* files created since gnome-terminal was run:
   .gnome .gnome2 .gnome2_private .gtkrc-1.2-gnome2 .gconf .gconfd

This is scary.  And a tremendous disincentive to even looking at gnome
apps.  Why does gnome-terminal change by background?  And why does
gnome-terminal need all those config files & directories?

Jeremy Hankins <nowan@nowan.org>
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