[linux-elitists] gnome, trial by fire

tek tek@pervasivenetwerks.com
Tue Jan 6 02:33:53 PST 2004

I had stated to begin with that i felt gnome was broken each time i have 
tried it out since the ?1.2? days  let me expound on what i mean since 
this thread wont die nicely and go away.

I just installed gnome and all the nice 49 megs of gadgets it has to 
offer *obviously im missing some stuff since someone else just quoted 
something like 300 meg used* and im even trying to be nice and 
non-biased about it.

this box is running mandrake 9.2.so with debian everything is an apt-get 
away and with mandrake its just urpmi filename and its all done. at 
least this part was painless.

boot into gnome and i have a lump of icons on my desktop, cant make one 
out from the other. No menu bar on the panel either. just my wallpaper 
and a lump of icons. wow not what i was expecting but ill try to keep up 
the chin and head on forward.

simple? sure is, its simply a mess. logic would dictate alternate 
clicking on the desktop you would hopefully find something to align 
icons or at least unstack the 10+ that are piled on top of each other. 

No, gnome is simple, no such confusing things to be found. ok, so i have 
no menu, and since i just minimized my open browser, which had to be 
opened via f2 keys no listing of apps open.

So instead of using the system i am finding myself spending the first 
few minutes figuring out how to unbreak what is looking essentially 

question for ya? if its designed for joe sixpack why am i having to set 
it up? perhaps its cause i installed it after the fact? mandrake hates 
gnome? hmmm.ok, whatever.

 So dragging out all of the icons from the rats nest of a pile a find 
one called gnome control center, clicking on it i have a nice looking 
control panelish windows. looks good so far right? so being a 
propellerhead i dive right into the
icon for advanced, lets see what awaits us.i have six more icons, with 
another one again called advanced? wow, is this one twice as advanced as 
the first one? nope, its my first bug report! 

see this system has every browser loaded on it, yes even good ole 
internet exploder but gnome cant figure out which to use so instead of 
asking me which i get an error message telling me to set it up.

 hey skippy, survey says if its supposed to be simple your supposed to 
open the page where it allows me to set it up. 

just a clue for ya.

taking a screenshot of each of these leads me to my next bug, every 
child window opens up its window hanging its  buttons below the bottom 
of the screen so every popup window has to be dragged back up. yeah! 
another bug and i havent even got five minutes in yet.

ya know im not really feeling this (insert BullShit about usability 
studies showing we get it and we are doing it right line) havoc 
pennington would not be a gnome user from what im seeing.this is simply 
broken behavior dude, call it work in progress or whatever you want.

so ill spend the rest of the night configuring something that should be 
as usable out of the box as every other WM and ill use again tomorrow 
till im ready to shoot something or someone then ill remove it again and 
try it out in another release or two down the road. 

I will say i hope since Ximian has been bought by Novell i do see that 
the light at the end of the tunnel is likely not to be a train but right 
now im not impressed enough to even think about how much time i would 
have to spend to make this usuable. 

but since this thread hasnt died ill give ya a shitload of bug reports 
along with screenshots and hopefully that will give you something to do 
other than go on about how complexity killed the cat and mother nature 
in one fell swoop. then you can give me a hit of whatever your smoking 
and we will call it even.


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