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Jeff Waugh jdub@perkypants.org
Mon Jan 5 21:23:10 PST 2004

<quote who="Karsten M. Self">

> A really handy GNOME or Gtk 1.x feature was the ability to (re)set menu
> keybindings by highlighting the desired option, and hitting the key or
> keycombo you wanted to associate with the action.

This is still doable, but not available easily, because although it seemed
handy, it was also the source of many screwups and difficult to understand
problems. For instance, if you pressed the "r" key when hovering over the
Delete menu item in Evolution, you'd bind "r" to Delete. This can be very
dangerous, and for many users, they wouldn't even consider that the hard to
discover press-key-while-hovering-over-menu thing would be the source of the

The right way of going about this is providing menu/toolbar customisation in
applications that really require it (such as office apps, evo, etc). This
will be far, far easier to support once we have the actions-style menu and
toolbar code used everywhere after GTK+ 2.4.

> > You can assign a key combo to run a terminal by using gconf-editor 
> Puke.
> Note that even Microsoft maintained, lying through its teeth for a full
> decade, that users would never have to use the Registry.  That's another
> strike against it:  usability features stink, but it ends up being the
> configuration tool of last, and very often, only, resort.

I have also said numerous times that these particular settings should be
exposed in the user interface in the future, but hadn't yet. Work remains to
be done, and I'm sure if you really cared, you'd help out. But you don't use
GNOME anyway, you just want to whinge and flame.

> > But the funniest one - and l-e loves it - is "because you don't think
> > hackers or traditional Free Software users are your 'target market',
> > GNOME is therefore totally unusable for them". 
> No.
> It's the "because hackers and traditional FS users aren't your target
> market, you ignore, berate, and abuse us.

No Karsten, you misunderstand. I ignore, berate and abuse *you*.

- Jeff

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