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Jeff Waugh jdub@perkypants.org
Mon Jan 5 20:08:23 PST 2004

<quote who="Karsten M. Self">

> > >  jays@knoppix:~/ALKAN$ ls
> > >  op17_LePreux.mid           op31_16.mid          op39_06.mid
> > 
> > Surely your interaction model with these kinds of files is terminal-centric
> > to start with? 
> Accuse the user.  True to character.

Nooooo, gather more relevant information from the user. Stop being such a
tool, Karsten.

> > Perhaps not the midi files, but I'm not sure why visibility of the old
> > name would assist you greatly when giving them sensible names (or
> > whatever you're trying to do with them).
> Um.  Like.  Creating a new name based on the old one?
> ...or _not_ changing a filename when you've accidentally performed the
> not-entirely-inconceivable coincidental action of highlighting a file
> while hitting a keyboard key.  Gee... did I just lose my filename?

So you press Escape.

> > Can you see that these kinds of interactions are not the sorts of things
> > we'd optimise for, particularly in the file manager? 
> Pardon?  Parsing error.
> > The file manager is not there to fully replace what you do in a shell.
> "Useable file renaming is not a supported feature of the GNOME file
> manager".  Interesting.

^ This shows that you missed the point about understanding the purpose and
goals of the interaction.

> GUI has its place.  So does CLI.  Neither's going to replace the other.

That's ABSOLUTELY TRUE. And the amazing thing is, that was my ENTIRE POINT
about the interactions above - those operations were more relevant to, and
doable from, a command line. Sheesh.

- Jeff

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