[linux-elitists] sarge

Tony Godshall togo@of.net
Mon Jan 5 18:28:53 PST 2004

According to Rick Moen,
> Quoting Modus Operandi (modus@as220.org):
> > To clarify my intent, I'm currently tracking stable. I've heard so
> > many wonderful things about the testing and unstable branches, but
> > I'm curious to know what dpkg/apt issues might have to be resolved
> > on a jump from woody to sarge.
> None, really.
> The ultra-cautious person's approach would be as follows:

No, the ultra-cautions would simulate the effects of each
change before actually doing it (having been bitten, admittedly 
in unstable, I always do 'apt-get -s install' and look for
packages being removed that I don't want removed before I do
the real thing.

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