[linux-elitists] GNOME terminal

Bulent Murtezaoglu bm@acm.org
Mon Jan 5 11:50:31 PST 2004

>>>>> "JR" == Jim Richardson <warlock@eskimo.com> writes:
    JR> Probably, but I have >350MB of accumulated Emails, not about
    JR> to dump or go through some PITA conversion process for them :)

I thought this was rather large but a du confirmed that I have >850Mb!
Some of it compressed.  This includes incoming mail I kept and and
most of my outgoing mail since, say, 1988.  Shock+Horror.  

    JR> Unusual or no, it's my situation, and the software can either
    JR> adapt to it, or make room for something that does. :)

I use vm under emacs which keeps the files in mbox format.  As long as
there's enough memory in the system _and_ I archive things, I seem to
be OK.  Or rather the pain isn't large enough that I'd consider
anything else.  



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