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Jim Richardson warlock@eskimo.com
Mon Jan 5 00:42:14 PST 2004

On Mon, Jan 05, 2004 at 07:12:33PM +1100, Jeff Waugh wrote:
><quote who="Jim Richardson">
>> Well, been using GNOME for a day, so far, not too bad, although compared
>> to rxvt, GNOME terminal is slow, I mean, annoyingly so. Not enough to say
>> "enough" and shoot it in the head, but enough that it throws me off my
>> stride when typing a message in SLRN (via vim) and then hit :wq y <gpg
>> passphrase> in the quick cadence I am used to. 
>> That and text scrolls are slow too. 
>> Is there something I can do to speed those things up?
>You might find that using a bitmap (which will be non-AA) font will speed it
>up. The things that have affected the speed are client-side fonts, use of
>xrender (it doesn't help with acceleration + is pretty unoptimised itself),
>and UTF-8 + Pango layout.
>Much of that is hard to avoid (necessary expense combined with unfinished
>business), but infrastructural work happening at the moment will pick it up
>Whenever I build stuff (which is lots, considering GARNOME and release
>stuff), I do it in screen. :-)

Screen is a godsend, it's like a hard drive, in that once you've used
it, it's hard to realize you got along without it. 

GNOME terminal has some nice features, I like the menu bar, just enough
there to keep it useful, and I can make it go away if I want to. 

(as an aside, with sawfish, I can turn off the border decorations, which
is really nice for some of the console apps I use. ) 

I'll try messing around with the fonts, cause the speed thing can be
pretty annoying. But overall, it's not bad. 

The panel is nice, I can't quite make up my mind whether I like the clip
and dock better, or not, which in it's self, is a good step forward from
a few months ago. (or was it a year? heck, it was over a year. My how
time flies)

I tried Epiphany, sorry, couldn't get it to do https, so that's a no go
for me. Plus, it seemed rather feature poor compared to firebird, and no
snappier. I'll stick with the Lizard on that. 

I have tried Pan in the past, and while it's about my favourite GUI
newsreader, it's a far cry from SLRN for me, so I'll be sticking with
SLRN. (to make it clear, I have tried Pan recently, I am not basing it
on 12+ months ago) 

Evolution is an okay app, lots of interesting features, now if only it
did mail well :) Again, for me, a console app, Mutt in this case, wins
out. Evolution might work if I had a lot of Imap mailboxes I had to deal
with, but fetchmail +mutt do such a good job, that it's hard to beat. 

So far, in my GNOME journey, I have been (mostly) pleasently surprised,
at least by the things that didn't trip my "WindowMaker doesn't do it
like that" trigger. I am still falling over a couple of things, like I
had the scrollwheel set up to cycle desktops, and that was quite
convenient, as well as ctrl left and right arrow, doing the same thing,
and I haven't yet figured out how to make the desktops circular, so that
scrolling off the far edge of the last one, brings you to the near edge
of the first one. I'll have to dig into the sawfish docs for that I

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