[linux-elitists] prelink

Joey Hess joey@kitenet.net
Sun Jan 4 10:35:20 PST 2004

Jim Richardson wrote:
> Dinking around with my Debian system, I stumble across prelink, which
> claims to make things faster to load and run, tke less memory. All it
> has to do, is grind away for a while each night, prelinking, or
> something. 
> Is it worth it? it sure takes a long time to crunch away, but this
> system is IO bound, and this looks like a heavily IO dependend thing. 

You'll find all sorts of fun bugs. For example, if you prelink a running
daemon, start-stop-daemon will generally refuse to stop it, as the
binary has changed. md5sum checking tools will puke all over the place.
Various programs will begin to crash (http://bugs.debian.org/prelink).
And I never managed to find a measurable speedup in anything important
(such as shell and perl).

see shy jo
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