Is GNOME > you? (was Re: [linux-elitists] Re: GNOME > you)

Jim Richardson
Sat Jan 3 21:34:58 PST 2004

On Sat, Jan 03, 2004 at 11:25:41PM -0600, Lance Simmons wrote:
>* Jeff Waugh <> [040103 23:11]:
>> What has surprised me greatly is the amount of direct abuse, rather
>> than curiosity and investigation.
>I don't intend any direct abuse.  Every few months I try Gnome (and KDE)
>to see how they're doing, but always seem to end up returning to
>ratpoison.  Now that I've been using ratpoison for a long time, I can't
>seem to bear to give up _any_ pixels to a window manager.  Why shouldn't
>each program be allowed to use as much real estate as possible?

That's pretty much where I am, I tinker with KDE and GNOME from time to
time, but they don't "do it" for me yet. I'll keep trying of course. 

>My main concern with Gnome right now is that some applications will be
>developed that _require_ the gnome desktop in order to run properly.  I
>run some Gnome-oriented applications right now (gnumeric and pan is
>pretty much it), but could there be some "killer app" down the road
>that forces me to move from ratpoison?  I sure hope not...

Galeon incorporated too much GNOME, and lost the nice sessions stuff I
liked so much. So I switched away from Galeon, and now use Firebird. I
hated having to fire up a completely different app, to configure parts
of Galeon, or simply losing features I had come to depend on. 

That it got slower, didn't help, but I could have put up with that. 

Jim Richardson
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