Is GNOME > you? (was Re: [linux-elitists] Re: GNOME > you)

Lance Simmons
Sat Jan 3 21:25:41 PST 2004

* Jeff Waugh <> [040103 23:11]:
> What has surprised me greatly is the amount of direct abuse, rather
> than curiosity and investigation.

I don't intend any direct abuse.  Every few months I try Gnome (and KDE)
to see how they're doing, but always seem to end up returning to
ratpoison.  Now that I've been using ratpoison for a long time, I can't
seem to bear to give up _any_ pixels to a window manager.  Why shouldn't
each program be allowed to use as much real estate as possible?

My main concern with Gnome right now is that some applications will be
developed that _require_ the gnome desktop in order to run properly.  I
run some Gnome-oriented applications right now (gnumeric and pan is
pretty much it), but could there be some "killer app" down the road that
forces me to move from ratpoison?  I sure hope not...

Lance Simmons
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