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Jeff Waugh jdub@perkypants.org
Sat Jan 3 20:53:16 PST 2004

<quote who="tek">

> > > So are you saying that having a Novice, Intermediate, Expert settings
> > > is a bad idea? If so why?
> > 
> > It totally hammers complexity, comprehension and support requirements.
> And hiding it in some xml or binary tree free's up support time???  can
> you fill my pipe too, i obviously need some of what you have been smoking.

No, Nautilus had a very accessible 'ski-signs' menu (and other designs were
trialled), while Sawfish had a 'meta' properties page that you could change
the level on.

The level selection stuff was very upfront. But while the intent was good,
it was still utterly confusing and suboptimal.

> > See, the funny thing is... This is a just an "un-break me" option
> > response to user interface complexity! Instead of fixing the real
> > problem (cognitive overload due to programmers being shitscared of
> > "policy", so putting all the work onto users), you're just adding an
> > option to get around it, and again putting all the work onto users! 
> But when your user wants to get into it and cant, it wont be after your
> two hours study is running it will be during week two or sometime
> there-after and your shooting him in the head your just waiting for the
> witness's to leave first.
> This is why i dumped gnome, just so you know.

I tried very hard to figure out what you were talking about there, but I
didn't get it.

> > It's a vicious cycle, and we're breaking it the right way. :-)
> I think that is debatable at best

Seriously, do the hard yards on the user levels stuff. You will also find
that it is an inappropriate way to simplify the user interface.

- Jeff

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