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Sat Jan 3 20:42:41 PST 2004

On Sun, 4 Jan 2004 15:29:34 +1100, Jeff Waugh wrote
> <quote who="tek">
> > > Unfortunately, this is just as bad as "Novice, Intermediate, 
> > > settings in that it's almost entirely unaccountable.
> > 
> > So are you saying that having a Novice, Intermediate, Expert 
settings is a
> > bad idea? If so why?
> It totally hammers complexity, comprehension and support 
> requirements.

And hiding it in some xml or binary tree free's up support time???
can you fill my pipe too, i obviously need some of what you have been 

> We've already tried this with Nautilus and 
> Sawfish, and it was a horrible mess. Doing it dynamically is a 
> consideration, but it's an active area of research so probably 
> not a useful thing for us to dip our feet in right now (it 
> would end up being as lame as the Windows menu-hiding feature, 
> most likely).
> See, the funny thing is... This is a just an "un-break me" 
> option response to user interface complexity! Instead of 
> fixing the real problem (cognitive overload due to programmers 
> being shitscared of "policy", so putting all the work onto 
> users), you're just adding an option to get around it, and 
> again putting all the work onto users! 

But when your user wants to get into it and cant, it wont be after your 
two hours study is running it will be during week two or sometime 
there-after and your shooting him in the head your just waiting for the 
witness's to leave first.

This is why i dumped gnome, just so you know.

>It's a vicious cycle, 
> and we're breaking it the right way. :-)

I think that is debatable at best, although i also know in a few years 
it will be farther along, but that puts me back at trying it out every 
few releases and waiting for a day that may or maynot come.

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