[linux-elitists] Re: GNOME > you

Chip Salzenberg chip@pobox.com
Sat Jan 3 20:18:48 PST 2004

According to Jeff Waugh:
> As in, you're navigating menus with keystokes?

Right.  To give you a flavor of my fvwm2rc:

  AddToMenu MainMenu "Main Menu" Title
  + "%mini.xterm.xpm%&Debian Machines  >>"	Menu Debian

  AddToMenu Debian "Debian Machines" Title
  + "%mini.xterm.xpm%&apple"			Exec xterm -e ssh apple.debian.org &
  + "%mini.xterm.xpm%&dog"			Exec xterm -e ssh   dog.debian.org &

So F12-d-a opens an xterm to apple.debian.org.  Not all of my menu
actions are two levels deep, but all the frequent ones are chosen
for keyboard navigation.  Mousing around is only for the infrequent.

I hate to have to use the mouse for anything that isn't intrinsically
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