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Jim Richardson warlock@eskimo.com
Sat Jan 3 20:16:35 PST 2004

On Sun, Jan 04, 2004 at 12:53:50PM +1100, Jeff Waugh wrote:
><quote who="Jim Richardson">
>> KDE for example, has a dialog for "eye candy" which you can drag from fast
>> to slow, and it selects and unselects options as it goes. That make sense.
>> Having to click on each option off or on, just to slow down, or spruce up
>> the machine, is silly, but not having the option to turn on (or off) a
>> particular bit of candy that you either loath, or love, is annoying also. 
>Unfortunately, this is just as bad as "Novice, Intermediate, Expert"
>settings in that it's almost entirely unaccountable. There's no reason why
>*performance* features shouldn't "just work" either. You don't see an option
>to choose between chunky and bilinear filtering in Panther's Expose... It
>just works. There are some appearance features that *are* preferential, and
>those are different.

A good point, but bear in mind that different folks are willing accpet
different levels of performance. For me, GNOME is just too slow at the

>> I hate how the few GNOME apps I use (Gnumeric mostly now, that's about it)
>> like the few KDE apps I use (Kopete) drag 10 tonnes of other crap with
>> them when I fire them up. Although Gnumeric at least, seems to have
>> dropped a lot of that off recently. It actually starts up faster than it
>> did a while back. 
>Much of this is changing as we purge Bonobo and rationalise the Developer
>Platform back down to GTK+. But, there will always be a lot of libraries
>used by GNOME software, and from our point of view, it makes sense to keep
>them separate. Some people have kittens over that, but you can't please

Agreed, can't please everyone, by the same token, a system with no
connections to any printers, no printers connected, has exactly what
need for libgnomeprint? 

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