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tek tek@pervasivenetwerks.com
Sat Jan 3 19:43:57 PST 2004

On Sat, 3 Jan 2004 13:19:16 -0500, Chip Salzenberg wrote
> According to Jeff Waugh:
> > We really honestly believed that software that was more flexible and
> > had more options was therefore more usable and "more free".
> An easy mistake to make.  I've spent some time recently with a 
> user- experience expert (sometimes called a "GUI designer" due 
> to the difficulty of explaining what a user-experience expert 
> does), and I start to understand how little I've understood 
> about user interfaces in general.  And yes, she recommended 
> "Inmates"; its observation that techie-created UIs tend to 
> provide knobs for all underlying features seems relevant to 
> Gnome 1.
> > What kind of things does your brain say "oh, ow, mum, I really need
> > an OPTION here"?
> Well, I did say I was "researching but undecided" (or words to 
> that effect) because:
> > nine times out of ten I ask the above question and the person says,
> > "well, I don't use GNOME, I use fvwm or WindowMaker".
> Busted: fvwm.  I last used Gnome regularly in 1.x days, and 
> I'm really not the kind of person to enjoy a UI where certain 
> keystrokes are simply not available for my chosen use.  I want 
> F12 to bring up a menu, dammit, no matter what application is 
> currently running.  F12-t spawns a new aterm, always.  Gnome 1 
> didn't let me do that, nor does KDE, as far as I can tell. 

In KDE its called kmenuedit, chose the app your wanting to setup and 
designate a keyboard shortcut for it and you can set up any kind of 
keybinding you want with it, this also is one of many reasons i gave up 
on gnome. when i decide i dont want to be able to configure the function 
of how the gui works ill go back to gnome but to me it matters, enough i 
dont use gnome, sure i try it out every couple of releases but its not 
for me.

if you want to dumb it down to "sane defaults that is fine, give us a 
button that says "propeller head area or super scary advance settings", 
but dont go hide the shit in a bunch of .reg files or binary data or an 
xml jungle and pat yourself on the back. 

 with no real frontend or readily available documentation what you might 
call "sane" some call stupid and yet others call insane. when you lose 
the group on day one it usually doesnt matter what your up to when it 
starts coming together. alot of people will only remember when you lost 
it, nothing more.

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