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Jeff Waugh jdub@perkypants.org
Sat Jan 3 17:33:14 PST 2004

<quote who="Chip Salzenberg">

> One last question, if you don't mind: Can you assign single-key
> shortcuts for those menus?  Can I arrange that an arbitrary keystroke
> at those menus run an arbitrary command or bring up a submenu?  That's
> what I do with fvwm menus.

For the menu items, or to get the menus themselves? Currently, there is no
(nice) user interface for making arbitrary keystokes to run apps (though the
functionality is there, as mentioned in my next quote-bit).

> > You can assign a key combo to run a terminal by using gconf-editor
> > [...]
> My menu usage is a little more advanced.  F12-x-y runs ssh to machine
> Y in set X, where X and Y are personal mnemonics.  (BTW, for you
> keyboard fanatics out there, the main shortcut doesn't require as much
> finger movement as F12.)  Meta-. and Meta-, moves to previous and next
> desktops, no matter the focus or context.  Etc.

As in, you're navigating menus with keystokes?

> > We need some UI fixage between the Acme settings - our multimedia
> > keys daemon, written instead of patching metacity - and keyboard
> > shortcuts).
> The learn/use dichotomy shows up most visibly in the use of keyboard
> shortcuts, in my experience.  One of the things I like about the
> Windows UI standards is that you really don't need a mouse; if your
> mouse is busted you can get along fine with most apps, albeit with a
> lot of arrowing and tabbing.  But I digress.

Full keyboard navigability is of utmost importance to GNOME, particularly
considering our commitment to accessibility.

> > It's hard to keep a straight face when you have to say, "gee, why
> > are all your geeky mates using Mac OS X then, you nerf-herder?"
> OS X is an odd case, though.  Gnome is just part of a complex system
> that has to be managed and that has visible seams.  OS X is a womb.

We don't want seams. Working very hard to get rid of them. Mistakes of
history. :-)

- Jeff

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