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Jeremy Hankins nowan@nowan.org
Sat Jan 3 12:00:19 PST 2004

Jeff Waugh <jdub@perkypants.org> writes:
> <quote who="Jeremy Hankins">

>> Short version: I'm asking you to provide a more objective and less
>> psychological basis for the distinction between how & what than what
>> I described.  Unless you can do that I'm forced to conclude that your
>> position is circular, because you're defending the choice of idiom by
>> reference to the choice of idiom.
> You are being pointlessly abstract. When you come back to Earth,
> hopefully with reference to the initial examples, let me know.

Not gonna happen -- if by "back to Earth" you mean mired in minutiae.  I
really don't care about gnome, except as it's a focal point of some
wrong-headed and disturbing trends in UI.  Any discussion about the
particularities of gnome would be irrelevant.  And I wouldn't be able to
participate effectively because I don't know gnome.  No problem, because
that's not a conversation I care about.  The fact that you keep going
back to "But users don't *_CARE_*" is what I find interesting.

But if you're only interested in trees there's no point in talking about

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