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Jeff Waugh jdub@perkypants.org
Sat Jan 3 10:49:20 PST 2004

<quote who="Adam Sampson">

> Then again, GNOME got away with changing major things like the OK/Cancel
> button ordering for the better without too many people complaining, so
> maybe I'm worrying for no reason.

*snicker* Wow, which mailing lists and websites were you reading while 2.0
was being born? ;-) Man, we suffered so hard on that one. Vicious, horrible
stuff. But then... It suddenly fell silent. Because it *does* just work.
See, it's not as simple as OK/Cancel button ordering, because we've purged
Yes/No/Cancel and OK/Cancel from our dialogues entirely! It was hard for
people to grok while we were in transition, but now it's easy to grok,
because every dialogue seems familiar. Check out the HIG section on this:


It's way smart.

> > I think it would be pretty unkind to have window-snapping on by
> > default,
> Why's that? It seems to me like a usability plus -- having things
> lined up is good, and things like Nautilus automatically line up icons
> by default, so what's wrong with having the window manager line up
> windows by default?

I think it's the pinball-machine effect. Imagine if there was an audible
"bonk!" every time the window snapped. That's how some people perceive
effects like that.

> It'd clearly be unpleasant to make metacity just behave as if you were
> holding down shift all the time, but it doesn't seem too contentious to
> have "gentle" snapping built into the normal window movement behaviour --
> like most other window managers implement -- instead of two movement
> modes.

Maybe there should be a snap-lock cheat key. ;-)

> Perhaps it might be nicer if scripts got merged into the top-level menu
> rather than being in a submenu, though? Of course, there are a million
> features you *could* offer with scripts but probably don't need -- icons,
> keyboard shortcuts, only showing for certain filetypes, etc. etc.

In 2.6, we'll have Nautilus plugins too, which will be waaaay smarter and
cooler. Dave Camp already has a nautilus-vcs demo module, which does CVS
integration in Nautilus (much like Tortoise CVS in Windows), with emblems,
menu items, etc., etc.

- Jeff

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