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Jeff Waugh jdub@perkypants.org
Sat Jan 3 02:50:51 PST 2004

<quote who="Adam Sampson">

> - Nautilus drag-and-drop.

(Worth bringing up on nautilus-list, I'm not sure anyone's fully written
down a good reasoning for how it should work.)

> - File renaming in Nautilus. The rename box pops up over the old name;
>   if I'm editing a long name, then I'd like to be able to see the old
>   name while I'm typing the new one.

Not sure this one would fly; renaming on the label shows the full name
selected before you start changing it, avoids having a dialogue, and gives
the impression of direct manipulation.

> - Selection in text boxes. I hate double-clicking, but I hate
>   triple-clicking even more.

>   My preferred solution would be to make it so that GTK's idea of a "word"
>   matched most URLs, rather than splitting on slashes

Sounds sensible to me, though I think it could be a local Epiphany change.
Certainly something you should propose to them. (I can't see any immediate
reasons why this wouldn't be a good default - why did you think it might not

> - Window snapping in metacity. Is there some usability-related reason
>   why metacity doesn't snap window borders to each other and to screen
>   borders when windows are being moved around? I'm aware of the
>   shift-drag thing, but it's hardly convenient, and it still doesn't
>   let me line up several similarly-sized windows.

I think it would be pretty unkind to have window-snapping on by default, and
it doesn't really merit a preference (except perhaps as an outside contender
for a hidden option), so the modifier seemed to be the most sensible way
forward. Think of it as an option you can change on the fly. :-)

> - Background context menus. If I right-click on the background, I'm
>   offered the choice of opening a new Nautilus window or a new
>   terminal window, which suggests that other people also think this is
>   a good place to put commonly-used applications. It seems rather odd
>   to hard-code the terminal application in there, though; I would have
>   thought the "average" user wouldn't want to use the terminal that
>   often, whereas they might find it useful to have "open new web
>   browser" there, or something like that. I'd prefer it if this menu
>   were customisable.

Hmmm... It ought to open the preferred terminal (see Preferred Applications
under DP/Advanced). Other than that point, not sure about this. Personally,
I don't think those entries should be there at all, and the menu shouldn't
be customisable. But there are all sorts of pros and cons on this. Something
to take up on nautilus-list. :-)

> With apologies for complaining,

No need to apologise at all, that was incredibly constructive criticism. You
didn't even call me Mr. Waugh once! Bravo. ;-)

- Jeff

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