[linux-elitists] Cluster filesystems

Nathan Poznick kraken@drunkmonkey.org
Thu Jan 1 23:05:48 PST 2004

Thus spake Jeff Waugh:
> <quote who="Jason Spence">
> > The last time I tried Intermezzo, GFS, Coda, OCFS, etc, I found them
> > to be lacking in stability and documentation, and recovery from the
> > simultaneous update problem[1] was really spotty and labor intensive.
> Add lustre <http://www.lustre.org/> to your list to try out next time. Plus,
> GFS may be back on the cards since RH bought Sistina. And I hear that SGI
> have considered releasing CXFS a number of times.

IMHO, Lustre also suffers from the documentation.  Oh sure it's there,
but the design of the system seems to have been conceived with forcing
you to pay ClusterFS for support by making it obscenely complicated.
(Something like 13 or 14 kernel modules which must be in place for a

Also, can't leave PVFS and PVFS2 <http://www.pvfs.org/> off the list.
If you want to go really fast, and don't mind sacrificing some of the
guarantees of the heftier filesystems, they're wonderful (PVFS2 is still
in early development, but is testable).

Nathan Poznick <kraken@drunkmonkey.org>

I suppose one could claim that an undocumented feature has no
semantics. :-( -- Larry Wall

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