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Jeff Waugh jdub@perkypants.org
Thu Jan 1 19:01:13 PST 2004

<quote who="Nathaniel Smith">

> Put another way, the question is really how to make the best tools; surely
> Sandy would benefit from TeX-quality typesetting whether she knows it or
> not, and she is likely at some point (even if not on this particular
> paper) to appreciate the benefits of separation of content and form, or
> want to put some paper on a website.  You seem to be saying that anyone
> who isn't an expert _should_ be using inferior tools, simply because, eh,
> they won't recognize quality anyway, so it doesn't matter.

No, I'm saying she doesn't give a flying fuck. You might think you can force
the wisdom of the ancients down her throat, but she's just going to think
"ugh, geek" and go on with her life. She DOESN'T CARE. AT ALL. She just
wants something that works, preferably soon, and "surely computers are good
enough now that she doesn't need a lot of training, right?"

Maybe you disagree with that world view, but that would just bolster my
point (well, the way you're arguing is doing enough to bolster it already,

> Let me be clear that I'm agnostic as to GNOME's actual quality; I don't
> use it at all, and I'm perfectly happy to think that it might be great for
> all sorts of people.  Your argument, though, rather fails to convince me
> of that.  Or is there some other way to make sense of your distinction?

You're assuming I'm trying to convince you of something. :-) I don't need
to, and this is when we fall back on the "target market" argument. There's
really no point attempting to convince you of GNOME's point; you're far too
tied up in the technology to care. Likewise, Sandy is far too tied up away
from the technology that she doesn't care about your ideas of what's good
for her.

Besides, she doesn't think you'd be the person tying her up anyway.

- Jeff

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