[linux-elitists] management not understanding programmers styles

Ciaran Johnston cj@nologic.org
Wed Feb 25 13:49:56 PST 2004

On Wednesday 25 February 2004 18:50, Ben Woodard wrote:
> The problem is that management doesn't understand this. I know I have
> read somewhere about different rolls for different kinds of programmers.
> One of the rolls was particularly well suited for the anal retentive
> perfectionist programmer. I would like to find the reference to this so
> that we can pass it up to management so that they understand better.
> Does anyone happen to remember something that documents something like
> this? 

I haven't read it, but it reminds me of the "herding cats" book, I think it's 
this one:
"Herding Cats: A Primer for Programmers Who Lead Programmers" by J. Hank 
Rainwater. I always liked that analogy.

Hi folks, my first post to this list, I think.


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