[linux-elitists] management not understanding programmers styles

Ben Woodard ben@zork.net
Wed Feb 25 10:50:41 PST 2004

I remember reading something somewhere a long time ago about different
styles of programmers. We have this one great programmer here at the lab
who we all rely on because the things that he does are so bulletproof.
He has libraries of code that we frequently borrow of from because we
know that they will just work. The problem is he never finishes anything
and management is perpetually peeved with him because of it. Our take on
it is that we don't care, we take the projects away from him when they
are mostly done and then we slap a few "finishing" touches on them and
use them. He is our tools man and builds great foundations.

The problem is that management doesn't understand this. I know I have
read somewhere about different rolls for different kinds of programmers.
One of the rolls was particularly well suited for the anal retentive
perfectionist programmer. I would like to find the reference to this so
that we can pass it up to management so that they understand better.
Does anyone happen to remember something that documents something like
this? I know my details are sketchy but I was hoping it would ring a
bell with someone. I know that it was in a book and so I feel like
searching for it on the internet probably wouldn't work since books are
like the dark matter of the information universe.


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