[linux-elitists] List etiquette

Mike MacCana mikem@cyber.com.au
Mon Feb 23 15:59:10 PST 2004

On Mon, 23 Feb 2004, Karsten M. Self wrote:

> You're justifying annoyance and inconvenience on my part due to your own
> inability to use and/or switch to non-broken software.

You asked me not to CC you, and I said I wouldn't. If I have, that's a
mistake which I've acknowledged.

That my Evo beta is a little broken right now has very little to do with

> Back to the point:  communicate as if you're asking someone a favor.

Good advice, to which I'd like to ad: respond to technical opinion with
technical opinion (re: the packaging thread) rather than dumb statements
about the other person's prior experience.

*That* will do wonders for the signal/noise ratio of the list.


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