[linux-elitists] Avoiding Mailman Duplicates

Teh Entar-Nick nick@teh.entar.net
Fri Feb 20 09:05:42 PST 2004

begin  Adam Kessel  quotation:
> On Thu, Feb 19, 2004 at 06:50:34PM -0800, Teh Entar-Nick wrote:
> > Great.  So I'd get personal copies in /var/mail/nick and miss out
> > on the copies that are part of the thread in
> > ~/inboxes/linux-elitists.  That sounds like a real broken feature,
> > Adam.
> Depends on how you filter.  If you filter by subject it will go to
> the right place, with the (obvious) possible caveat that something
> that it legitimately off-list but retaining the subject line will go
> to the *wrong* place.  The duplicate copies should have the same
> message-id--mailman doesn't change that--so the message will still
> be threaded properly.  (Or tell me I'm totally misunderstanding
> something fundamental, I'm prepared for that too...) 

* ^(X-(Mailing-)?[Ll]ist(-Id)?: <?|Sender: owner-|X-BeenThere: |Delivered-To: mailing list |X-Loop: )\/[-A-Za-z0-9_+]+

I'm filtering based on whether or not it actually came from a mailing
list.  The mail the list relays to me will have these list headers,
and any new lists will appear as I subscribe.  Mail sent directly to
me via To: or Cc: or Bcc: will appear in my normal spool.

You already listed the reason why I do not filter based on subject
lines.  Too many people take conversations off-list without changing
the list tag to [OFF-LIST] in the subject.  

> Can you think of any better way for mailman to handle it?  Obviously
> mailman can't do anything about the message that's on its way.
> Other than not having the feature at all (which maybe you'd prefer),
> this seems like the next best thing to avoid annoyances.

	Mailman is welcome to support whatever broken features it
wants.  Hell, it allows you to obliterate someone's Reply-To header
and impose the list's on top of it.  At least this thing you refer to
is per-subscriber and not per-list.  I think the Reply-To munging
would be appropriate if it were done per-subscriber (since it is, in
fact, a UI issue and thus should be in the control of the individual

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