[linux-elitists] Avoiding Mailman Duplicates

Adam Kessel adam@rosi-kessel.org
Fri Feb 20 05:44:56 PST 2004

I guess my reply below was silently dropped--I've recently changed my
primary email address and forgot the "silent drop" rule of l-e. At
first, I thought I was being punished for accidentally switching
Mail-Followup-To with Reply-To.

On Thu, Feb 19, 2004 at 06:50:34PM -0800, Teh Entar-Nick wrote:
> begin  Adam Kessel  quotation:
> > A frequent elitist complaint is when people (or MUAs) ignore Reply-To:
> > headers and send duplicates to you and the list. ("reply all")
> No.  It's when people or MUAs ignore Mail-Followup-To.
> Reply-To has nothing to do with mailing lists.

Yes, sorry, that's what I meant.

>	Great.  So I'd get personal copies in /var/mail/nick and miss
> out on the copies that are part of the thread in
> ~/inboxes/linux-elitists.  That sounds like a real broken feature,
> Adam.

Depends on how you filter.  If you filter by subject it will go to the
right place, with the (obvious) possible caveat that something that it
legitimately off-list but retaining the subject line will go to the
*wrong* place.  The duplicate copies should have the same
message-id--mailman doesn't change that--so the message will still be
threaded properly.  (Or tell me I'm totally misunderstanding something
fundamental, I'm prepared for that too...) 

Can you think of any better way for mailman to handle it?  Obviously
mailman can't do anything about the message that's on its way.  Other
than not having the feature at all (which maybe you'd prefer), this seems
like the next best thing to avoid annoyances.
Adam Kessel
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