[linux-elitists] Avoiding Mailman Duplicates

Rick Moen rick@linuxmafia.com
Fri Feb 20 00:01:01 PST 2004

Quoting Adam Kessel (adam@bostoncoop.net):

> A frequent elitist complaint is when people (or MUAs) ignore Reply-To:
> headers and send duplicates to you and the list. ("reply all")

Not really.  The legitimate purpose of Reply-To is to indicate where
_direct_ replies should go, if not to the sender address.  Individual 
senders _should_ be able to set reply-to; subsequent software should not
touch that header.

My own MUA doesn't send out "duplicates", because it's list-aware.
Moreover, it signals desired behaviour on any subsequent followups
by appending a Mail-Followup-To header to all of my list posts.  It's a
shame when people use mailers unable to cope properly with such
situations, but not for the reason you cite.

> I just recently upgraded mailman on my server, and noticed this
> subscriber option (among many other neato features):
> > Avoid duplicate copies of messages?

Well, at least that's left up to the individual subscriber.

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