[linux-elitists] [RANT] Debian the Elitist Distribution? [was Re: RFI: Recommendation for a good Vocabulary Builder]

Rick Moen rick@linuxmafia.com
Mon Feb 16 00:26:09 PST 2004

Quoting Mike MacCana (mikem@cyber.com.au):

> - Trolling for Debian in every Red Hat story on Slashdot (most people
> here genererally don't seem like the type) with the usual 'there's no
> Red Hat Desktop release anymore'.

Trolls need a bridge to live under, and that's why the low-rent
varieties love Slashdot.  (You really should leave this sort of rhetoric
to Shlomi.)

> Professional Workstation is $130 Australian, which is about three
> chocolate coins in US$. Fedora is $free.  So is whitebox....

Ditto cAos / centos.  http://www.caosity.org/

> ...and you can get security updates for it for five years, which is an
> aeon in the Linux world.

Besides, I have little sympathy for communities of users who complain
that they "can't get security updates".  What, are their fingers broken?
Are they incapable of creating and maintaining ftp sites, etc.?

> My personal choice is not the use the distro for a number of reasons.
> These may or may not include 'why the hell are you asking me for the
> names of the modules I intend to use? Welcome to PCI
> motherfuckers'....

De gustibus and all that, but you _don't_ need to pick out modules for
PCI -- not even with the Official Debian 3.0/woody installer.  That's
basically for antique ISAs stuff, etc.

(Moreover, don't like some specific _one_ of the installers?  Try a
different one.  See:  "Installers" on http://linuxmafia.com/kb/Debian .
This is not an argument that you _should_ do so, just pointing out that
that particular cited reasons lacks merit.)

> (seriously, though, its not just the installer....

There are a dozen or two installers, with many diverse configurations.

> I like kickstart....

Kickstart's indeed really useful, and a significant achievement.

> ...Red Hat's boot messages...

I like dmesg and grep.  ;->

> kudzu

Available (along with separate package kudzu-vesa) as a Debian package,
thanks to Red Hat, Inc.'s generosity.  Ditto discover, mdetect,
read-edid, sndconfig, hotplug, nictools-pci, nictools-pci, mii-diag, and
(Red Hat's) printtool.

> the ability to DCC probe monitors

Installing the aforementioned "read-edid" package ensures that that
function is subsequently available to XFree86 configuration tools, among
other things.

> package verification, 

As mentioned elsewhere in this thread, this is build into the Debian
package-distribution system, Jim Richardson notwithstanding.

> backports of the useful stuff from cuttting edge releases to stable
> releases, etc.

http://www.backports.org/ is alleged to be pretty useful, though I
honestly fail to see why people still bother with the Debian-stable

> I know there's Debian equivalents of a lot of these features, but a
> good part of this is to have just one release that includes the all
> this stuff out of the box, rather than trying to find out what it's
> called under Debian and get it working.

This is merely the logic of someone who's used to what's he's used to
and sees no compelling reason to become accustomed to something else.
And there's, of course, nothing wrong with that.  Good on ya!

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