[linux-elitists] [RANT] Debian the Elitist Distribution? [was Re: RFI: Recommendation for a good Vocabulary Builder]

Andrew akohlsmith-le@benshaw.com
Sun Feb 15 05:46:44 PST 2004

> Not elite enough to use two package managers?  I use Linux to simplify my
> life, not complicate it.  Dependency tracking distros that do not have
> every piece of software for the operating system do not make my life
> simpler.

Although I should add that creating REAL packages for Debian is one of the 
more time consuming of all package creations...  Not so much the dependency 
information but changing practically every mention of Linux into GNU/Linux 
while slavering away like Pavlov's dog in a clock store at high noon and 
putting all the bits of program into where Debian wants them...

I admit if you _do_ do that you create a very high level of consistency but 
Jeebus, I ain't that picky about things, even for a Linux-elitist, and 
certainly not for software I don't intend to maintain a package for.


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