[linux-elitists] oBSD-elitist: 56K virtual shared pipe for all 'Doze MTAs

Sam Phillips sam@dasbistro.com
Fri Feb 13 22:19:12 PST 2004

On Fri, Feb 13, 2004, at 16:00 PST, "Karsten M. Self" wrote:
> 1.  OK, what is *your* favorite good description of the whole iptables
>     mess?  I've got Sonnenreich and Yates, _Building Linux and OpenBSD
>     Firewalls_, Wiley, and Ziegler _Linux_ Firewalls_, New Riders.  Both
>     cover ipchains / ipfwadmin.  I'm going through Rusty Russel's
>     unreliable guides (trying to find PS for printing).  And manpages
>     for iptables.  It's not sinking in.  fwbuilder was also rather more
>     puzzling than I'd hoped.

I don't know.  A lot of it just fits into my brain.  The online guides
are pretty good.  And just keeping it simple to begin with help a lot.
Most of the generated firewalls that I have seen seem much more
confusing and convoluted than needed.

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