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Fri Feb 13 06:25:17 PST 2004

After this recent discussion (and given that several k people read IP),
perhaps a counterweight is needed against the SPF zealots.

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Actually I am known a bit outside the state of PA. - even in Singapore :- )


Ps Meng was born in SG

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On Thu, Feb 12, 2004 at 06:36:37AM -0500, Dave Farber wrote:
| Is it adios to e-mail?
| By 
| <http://straitstimes.asia1.com.sg/techscience/story//msendmail/0,4391,EmailReporter--234649,00.html?>Carl 
| Skadian
| OUTSIDE the American state of Pennsylvania, Dr David Farber is not well 
| known by any means, but he recently hit the nail on the head when asked for 
| his views on e-mail.
| The computer scientist at the University of Pennsylvania had this to say 
| when asked about e-mail in the age of spam: 'It is clearly a fallible 
| technology on which people may need to become less reliant.
| 'I strongly suggest to people right now that if they want to get hold of 
| me, call my cell phone,' he added. 'Along with others, I have found getting 
| your phone book back up to date is becoming more important.'
| This is how far we've come in the age of technology.

You're absolutely right, let's just hope we can collectively get our act
together before people give up on email all together!

The ASTA group are locked up in politics.

The IETF is slow but it has the respect of the community, and people
sitting on the fence tend to look to it for guidance.

There are a lot of domains publishing already, and there's grassroots
momentum on the SPF end, so that should help.  At least I can say we've
got more running code than everybody else!


If you have any contacts at the FTC or FCC who might be interested in
helping promote the standard, let me know --- I know the FTC has
launched a big drive to get people to secure their home computers, and
this could be a natural extension.

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