[linux-elitists] Karma of meetup.com

miah jjohnson@sunrise-linux.com
Wed Feb 11 05:57:26 PST 2004

Well, 2600.meetup.com is a little braindead.  It doesn't understand that the meeting takes place in the same location every month, and that it has to be a public place where anybody can go.  It constantly recommends bars, and other 'popular' places which is great, but not for 2600.  I'm guessing its just the way that site is setup.


On Tue, Feb 10, 2004 at 12:58:04PM -0500, Mister Bad wrote:
> So, I'm trying to instigate some kind of meeting system for
> Wikitravellers. I think it'd be kind of cool to hook up with other
> contributors in various farflung corners of the globe -- a standing
> meeting in Bangkok, a standing meeting in Buenos Aires.
> meetup.com seems like the best way to do this. The most popular
> meetups there seem to have fairly sweet karma, including a lot of Free
> Software and Free Content projects. They've got a half-decent privacy
> statement and seem to be on the right side of the tracks.
> Before setting up the wikitravel.meetup.com, and putting our name on
> their site, I just wanna know: does anyone have any dirt on
> meetup.com? Are they evil in some indiscernable way?
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