[linux-elitists] homedir repository

J C Lawrence claw@kanga.nu
Tue Feb 10 09:11:37 PST 2004

On Sun, 08 Feb 2004 14:27:30 -0800 
Rob Walker <rob@myinternetplace.net> wrote:

> So I know I am behind the times by a few years on this one, but where
> do you all keep your static data, config files, things you need on
> multiple machines?

> I know some people keep their home directory config files in
> bitkeeper...

That would be me.  I've been keeping $HOME under BK since '99.  The
non-hierarchal nature of BK makes this especially attractive.

> http://www.bitkeeper.com/v2_logging/contact.html 

Single users don't need to log.

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