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Shlomi Fish shlomif@iglu.org.il
Sun Feb 8 19:01:15 PST 2004

On Monday 09 February 2004 00:27, Rob Walker wrote:
> So I know I am behind the times by a few years on this one, but where do
> you all keep your static data, config files, things you need on multiple
> machines?
> I know some people keep their home directory config files in bitkeeper,
> http://www.bitkeeper.com/v2_logging/contact.html .
> I was about to start using CVS, then realized that maybe one of the
> competing solutions was the answer.

Well, Ben Collins-Sussman, a core Subversion developer uses CVS for this 
scheme, to sync his repository among several internetworked computers. He 
says he uses CVS because it's the most common system todate, and he has no 
idea in what ease he can install svn on it. (said also he'll switch to 
Subversion when it becomes popular enough)

> arch?

Never seriously tried it, but it should be OK, if you have the client 
installed on all the computers you wish to checkout the homepage.

> subversion?

I had a lot with Subversion and it's very nice. The command-set of it aims to 
be a superset of CVS as much as possible, and actually feels like a real 
versioned filesystem. Working with it gives you so much more peace of mind 
than working with CVS, that I already find working with CVS very painful.

The service is a dedicated one, and requires an Apache 2 HTTP WebDAV-based 
module or its own custom server (which is easier to set up but less 
powerful). The database is binary, and has been known to become corrupt 
sporadically, (maybe because of the underlying Berkeley DB). It is 
recommended to back up the repository or its changesets textual 
representation regularly, but that goes without saying to any other version 
control system.

> rsync?

rsync is not a version control system. It doesn't have atomic commits, and 
does not preserve history. It's a great tool, but you're better off with 

> tarballs updated by a cron job and scp ?

Blaahhhh.... %-)


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