[linux-elitists] SCO: SPFS, salvaging the company

Don Marti dmarti@zgp.org
Sat Feb 7 09:31:02 PST 2004

Bob Mims at the SLT is going to have plenty of mail
from the SCO Patent Fact Squad.


It's always good to stick "SCO has already been fined
in Germany for its false infringement claims" into
mail you send to the media -- here's a link from a
non-Linux-freak site in English:


Which makes me wonder...BS said they'd appeal the
fine, but no action yet AFAIK.  Time to check in with
him again.

Which reminds me that the pieces of SCO are going to
be worth something if a smart investor buys it after
the lawsuit collapses and splits it up.

1. Unix System Licensing
  Everyone who still uses Unix for anything has
  an interest in vitrifying the remaining Unix
  contracts and copyrights to prevent a future
  owner from taking another whack at the lawsuit
  game.  USL would be the successor in interest to
  AT&T->USL->Novell->SCO->Caldera/SCO.  Sell chunks of
  this company to everyone who still has an interest
  in Unix and let them appoint members to a board that
  by design can't agree to do anything.  A face-saving
  way to bury the mess of Unix contracts.

2. Santa Cruz Software
  A USL licensee that would inherit the existing
  SCO reseller network, along with the UnixWare
  and OpenServer product lines and all the other
  SCO-branded software.  

3. Caldera
  It's hard to believe that a "SuSE has to do all
  my R&D for me" contract isn't worth something.
  May turn out to be a bonanza on due diligence.

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