Postfix anti-antivirus (was Re: [linux-elitists] procmail recipe for mydoom?)

Tue Feb 3 19:00:24 PST 2004

On Mon, Feb 02, 2004 at 08:23:53PM -0500, Andrew wrote:
> Actually that's something I'd be interested in hearing the other elitists' 
> opinions on -- MTAs that give you
> a) qmail's security and speed

(Exim has the speed, but not the security model)

> b) Maildir/

postfix/exim/any MTA with procmail as an LDA


All of them pretty much

> d) virtual users
> e) IMAP/POP solutions that work with d)


> f) qmail-style "on the fly" aliases (user-alias@domain)

exim and most likely postfix too
(actuall even sendmail)

> g) easy and fast mailing lists

exim+mailman isn't bad, although mailman isn't as smart as ezmlm

> h) administrative software for d), f) and g)


> My qmail patchlist is quite long actually:

Yep, since it's dead software, you're in patching hell, patches that
have not been tested to work together.
That's one of the mali reasons why having to run qmail nowadays sucks

> badmailunk.diff
> badrcptto.patch
> qmailqueue-patch
> accept-5xx.patch
> condredirect.diff
> qmail-1.03-mfcheck.3.patch
> qmail-103-bigdns.patch
> tarpit.patch
> ext_todo-20020524.patch
> nullenvsender-recipcount.patch
> qmail-
> qmail-1.03-qmtpc.patch
> qmail-bouncecontrol-1.03.patch
> qmail-1.03-tls.patch
> netscape-progress.patch
> qmail-send.mimeheaders.diff
> qmail-send.mimeheaders+bouncecountrol.fix.patch
> qmail-pop3d+vpopmail.c.diff

Note BTW, that you can do more than half those things in exim4 just with
its config file and no source code patches

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