Postfix anti-antivirus (was Re: [linux-elitists] procmail recipe for mydoom?)

Rick Moen
Tue Feb 3 09:17:06 PST 2004

Quoting Teh Entar-Nick (

> Given Rick's history with technical details (such as the
> Reply-To header) I'm not hoping for a great informed conversation, but
> at least you guys could fling poo at SOFTWARE instead of EACH OTHER.

Summary for those who don't follow Nick's fuzzy mudslinging from mailing
list to mailing list:  Elsewhere, a poster asked for technical
assistance and (as it turned out, through configuration mishap rather
than intentionally) set Reply-To to some personal mailbox.  I answered
his question, and mentioned that I was ignoring the Reply-To as I was
doing community participation rather than gratis software consulting for
strangers.  (I.e., I thought attempting to direct follow-ups to private
mail, which I erronously assumed to be the poster's intention, was

A couple of people said that a properly functional MUA should not, in
fact, reply only to the Reply-To address if the user (appropriately)
chose list reply (or, absent that feature, reply-to-all).  Predictably,
yet another rehash of RFC 822 and RFC 2822 followed.  I said,
nonetheless, my recollection is that many MUAs do so anyway.  (NOTE:
Even that ignored my point, which was my reading of the poster's
_intent_, not MUA mechanics and RFCs.)

Nick rather sarcastically asked for examples of such MUAs.  I said I
dimly recall that that was a problem with pine and others on various
OSes (Win32, MacOS), none of which I have at my disposal, nor intend to
spend time and effort finding just to address a basically un-interesting
question.  Nick said this was _not_, in fact, true of pine, then
launched into the verbal abuse thing.  I repeated that I didn't have
time for this, and wasn't about to collect some menagerie of MUAs in
order to pursue the matter.

That sort of thing seems to be Nick's pastime, these days.  Not my
cuppa -- and, as mentioned, I just don't have time or interest.

Cheers,                           "This is Unix.  Stop acting so helpless."
Rick Moen                                               -- D.J. Bernstein

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