Postfix anti-antivirus (was Re: [linux-elitists] procmail recipe for mydoom?)

Rick Moen
Mon Feb 2 22:16:20 PST 2004

Quoting Andrew (

> Yeah qmail's an acquired taste... problem is that after you're used to it 
> everything else seems plain old wrong or featureless.

Know it well:  Don't like it a bit.  Give me Exim, Postfix, or Courier-MTA, 
any day.  See:  "MTAs" on .

> Actually that's something I'd be interested in hearing the other
> elitists' opinions on -- MTAs that give you a) qmail's security and
> speed

See above.

> b) Maildir/

Since that's a function of the local delivery agent, not the MTA, any
MTA whatsoever will "support" Maildir mailboxes/folders.  See:  
"MDAs" on .


Again, see above.  Also:  "MTA crypto" on .

> d) virtual users

Probably best done with Postfix.

> e) IMAP/POP solutions that work with d)

Dovecot would be my preference.  (I understand that Timo Sirainen has a
POP thing in his Dovecot collection, anyway, but wasn't that last

> f) qmail-style "on the fly" aliases (user-alias@domain)

I am revolted by the notion of calling casual aliases "qmail-style"; it
can certainly be done in any of the common MTAs .

> g) easy and fast mailing lists

Exim can't be beat, for reasons Nick Moffitt points out. 

(If you honestly think the proprietary ezmlm thing is your cuppa,
however, there's no special reason why you should have to use it with
the proprietary qmail MTA.)  For heaven's sake, though, cut yourself
loose from the professor's apron strings -- see .signature -- and pick
best of breed rather than just doing the fanboy thing.

> h) administrative software for d), f) and g)


> I guess part of my lack of desire to move away from qmail has to do with 
> that list above...  especially vpopmail, I have not seen a virtual user 
> system that works as nicely... 

Look at Postfix.

> My qmail patchlist is quite long actually:

I feel your pain (however distantly).

> Maildir/  is practically mandatory....

...and has nothing particularly to do with choice of MTA.

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