Postfix anti-antivirus (was Re: [linux-elitists] procmail recipe for mydoom?)

Teh Entar-Nick
Mon Feb 2 20:47:09 PST 2004

begin  Jeff Weff  quotation:
> > For example: I have exim set up to detect the presence of
> > /var/lib/mailman/<local_part>/config.db and route to the appropriate
> > mailing list program pipe if it's there.  That's it.
> (Actually, mailman lets you do a very similar thing with postfix, too. It
> will just build an alias database appropriate to reference in

	But you still need to build the alias database.  Exim actually
FINDS MY LISTS without my having to remember to add 1800 aliases or
build a berkeley db of addresses.

"Forget the damned motor car and build cities for lovers and friends."
	-- Lewis Mumford


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