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Karsten M. Self kmself@ix.netcom.com
Thu Dec 9 18:10:32 PST 2004

on Thu, Dec 09, 2004 at 08:21:48PM -0500, Etienne Goyer (etienne.goyer@videotron.ca) wrote:
> Karsten M. Self wrote:
> >KISS.  You've heard of it?
> Absolutely.  That is why I don't really get why you insist on limiting 
> yourself to 1.7 MiB of usable space when you could get > 650 MiB out of 
> a CD-ROM, and access other ressource from the network.  

You're clearly not reading with comprehension.  I've addressed that.

Even under dialup, I can access a boot floppy in a matter of minutes
(about 7 minutes for TomsRtBt).  Even a miniCD takes considerably
longer.  I've done full ISOs, the experience wasn't pretty (but with
wget, it was possible).  Several days.

As has been noted to me:  RPM formats change over time.  While any ar,
tar, and gzip will get me my DEBs, I'd have to make sure I had current
and/or appropriate RPM support for the system at hand.   My
understanding is that RPM support _is_ backward compatible (though I'm
not sure of this), but not updward:  you can't access newer format RPMs
with older libs.

> And if a floppy is all you can get to boot the machine (doubtful), why
> can't you just extract required files from another machine, then do
> your floppy shuttling from there ?

Well, you've just upped your requirements to another machine.  Running
an RPM-capable system.  Using floppies you can bootstrap either over
network (assuming you've got network support) or any motley OS.  Say, a
legacy MS Windows system with which you can download package files.
Again:  minimizing requirements maximizes flexibility.

> Your argument is pretty convulated.  

My statements are based on recent real world experiences.

> I suppose there are many advantages to the dpkg format over rpm, but
> making 1992-style system rescue operations easier is certainly not a
> very pertinent one.

Your choice, naturally.


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