[linux-elitists] ShipIt Deus Ex: Ubuntu, good for Disorder?

Greg Folkert greg@gregfolkert.net
Wed Dec 8 06:31:34 PST 2004

Well, I got some more CDs in the mail, unexpectedly... Only x86 and PPC

I gave one of the x86 CDs to a person the has a moderate, livable and
quite able to take care of himself, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. Lets
call him Phil.

Phil was whining about that even FireFox v1 and other nice tools I gave
him... Windows is still, STILL making his Browse only 3.2GHz machine a
PITA. 7 minutes to boot into the desktop, 300+ pop-ups without even
starting the browser (errmmm I tried to explain that the browser is
always on... but comprehension, ehhh.). And that for him to complete his
task list of browsing X number of sites and reading the news and his
points of interest on schedule was just not happening.

This is terribly distressing to him.

I was so confident about the Install-ability of Ubuntu, that I gave him
a jacket with the Live-CD and Install-CD. Oh boy. He was under serious
stress level that I told him to install it. I gave Phil explicit
instruction on howto boot from the Install-CD. He felt better. But then
he asked me are there any questions? I replied that they are very easy
quick and simple questions. I even gave him my home phone number (I
never should have done that...).

This was last Tuesday, November 30th, 2004. Phil said he would install
after work Saturday. On Saturday December 4th, 2004, I happen to be
unexpectedly making a trip to the Parents house to fix a few things up,
due to a water pipe bursting (old and rusted through). I had my cell,
but left in my car.

He called me at home, my wife gave him my CELL!!! AHHHH! But luckily I
never answered as I was ankle deep in water most of the day.

But, when I actually called home to find out what was going on for the
day... the wife said that Phil had called my home twice. (He called my
cell 5 times) First question was a question on what to do with the CD
after the machine rebooted, as it would not eject. The second question
wasn't a question, but a thanks for giving this to him.

I found out these questions/comments, during his recount of the whole
experience, which he had to tell me, on Monday December 6th, 2004. He
also asked if he needed to install Norton Anti-Virus, I explained that
yes but ONLY if you re-install Windows.

I'll tell you he is absolutely blissful. He is so taken back as to how
intuitive, easy, simple to use and beautiful the default setup is. Phil
commented to me, that he should have listened to me when he bought his
machine. I of course agreed with him, but silently noted: that if he
had, he would have not had an easy time doing the install with my
favorite Debian and would not have been so happy, probably reverting to
Windows forever.

I believe The Ubuntu Dev Team (and contributors and supporters and Linus
and Alan and ...ad-infinitum) deserve many kudos for a well done,
winning setup with the Ubuntu's Warty.

Jeff Waugh, I'd be happy to send this to whom ever you want. Or just
forward it yourself.
greg, greg@gregfolkert.net
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