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Sam Noble
Fri Dec 3 09:28:41 PST 2004

On Fri, 2004-12-03 at 01:23 +0000, Adam Sampson wrote:
> Rick Moen <> writes:
> > I think one of these based on the  R200 / rv250 / rv280 would be good.
> I've got a Radeon 9200SE (Rv280-based), and 3D performance is awful
> with the DRI drivers -- sufficiently so that I'm planning on going
> back to my old G400 next time I reboot. I bought it for the DVI port,
> which doesn't work at all in X either. Suffice it to say that I won't
> be buying another one.

I think this is probably a matter of perspective.

If you're comparing r200 performance to say the binary Nvidia driver, No
it does not compare favorably.

However it's important to note that among Free drivers it is essentially
the best there is and is adequate for say Quake3 Engine games.

If "the games the kids would like to try" means the stuff icculus is
porting, Doom3, and  Cedega (formerly WineX) enabled DirectX games then
you'll have to either disappoint them, or go with a binary driver.
(Which may not be an issue for you since your running all those non-Free

And if one has decided to use a non-free driver, currently performance
of the Nvidia driver blows away ATI's fglrx. (This may change as I
'heard somewhere' that ATI was putting more money into this than they
have in the past and also that they had hired Michael Daenzer one of the
key guys from DRI and the r200 driver)

> Off to break the nvidia driver by changing the kernel interfaces
> again, this is becoming a fun hobby...

Hilarious. :)

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