[linux-elitists] Ubuntu and ndiswrapper

Don Marti dmarti@zgp.org
Wed Dec 1 15:01:26 PST 2004

Well, the people who run the local coffee place were
getting pretty annoyed with the spyware and adware
buildup on the public access computer, so I ran my
big mouth and offered to install Linux.  I put Ubuntu
(Warty) on it.

Install went way smooth until I realized that the
only usable network connection was a Belkin F5D6001
PCI card.  I never would have offered to do this
install if I'd done a proper hardware check first.
Fortunately there was a working wired Ethernet
interface so I could get the box on-line via a q&d
masquerading script on my laptop (which I will clean
up to go the other way too so that I can invite
a bunch of 802.11b users over next time I stay at
the Embassy Suites).  Anyway I was stuck with either
getting ndiswrapper to work, sneaking out to buy them
some hardware from a company that isn't a bunch of
binary-driver-releasing pinheads, or giving up and
asking for the MSFT recovery CD.


  This PCI card works with ndiswrapper v0.10 when you
  use RTL8080 driver, not Belkin driver. The PCIID
  of this card is different from Realtek driver's
  supported PCIID, so you need to tell ndiswrapper
  to use realtek driver for 1799:6001. So execute
  "ndiswrapper -d 1799:6001 net8180".

There's no -d option in the ndiswrapper available from
Ubuntu "universe", which faked me out until I read
through the script.  So I put in symlinks from the
Belkin card's IDs to the ones ndiswrapper created,
did the alias wlan0 thing, and Bob's my uncle, at
least for now.  

Warty still seems to have this Rhythmbox bug:
https://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/show_bug.cgi?id=2403 so
I uninstalled Rhythmbox and put in xmms.  Will pop
in to check for other issues tomorrow.

This is the first time in a while that I've installed
free software on random user-hostile hardware instead
of hardware purchased or recommended after a sanity
check.  Mes compliments au chef.  ndiswrapper is well
laid-out and workable for an evil hack, and I mean
"evil hack" in the nicest possible way.

Don Marti

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