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On Fri, 27 Aug 2004 10:49:44 -0400, Adam Rosi-Kessel wrote 
> Maybe some -elitists will sneer, but here goes: 
> We've just moved into our first (owned) house.  Like many of the houses 
> in the area, there's a large shrine with a Mother Mary statue in it. 
> We'd like to replace Mary with a large Tux (we're not Christian, but  
> we do use free software).  Bigger than the stuffed animal sized ones  
> that are commonly found, and ideally not stuffed, but stuffed would  
> be okay since the shrine is shielded from the elements. 
> Anyone know where to get such a thing?  15 minutes of googling, 
> thinkgeek.com, cafepress.com gave no results. 
You might change the approach and start looking for pingu. 
its a japanese animation character that happens to be a penguin. I have gotten 
several pingu items from my family in hong kong. biggest being a 9" tall hard 
plastic penguin lamp. Basically its one of those tap lights with a 9" penguin on 
top of it. 
I'm sure there is more stuff just like that, pingu is quite popular overseas. 
> And while I'm asking: anyone have experience connecting their  
> doorbell to a GNU/Linux box?  Pointers would be appreciated. 
> Heck, one more entirely off-topic question that I've had no luck  
> with in the perl mail lists: is it possible to get the pids of grandchildren 
> processes after forking without resorting to shelling out to ps?  (full 
> question at <http://www.nntp.perl.org/group/perl.beginners/67103>).   
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