[linux-elitists] SCO: new PR firm

Don Marti dmarti@zgp.org
Wed Aug 25 11:05:50 PDT 2004

What's interesting about the latest SCO release isn't
the content...

>   The SCO Group Reconfirms Closing of Repurchase Transaction Between SCO and
>                                 BayStar Capital

(quick, how long until BayStar issues another "is
not!" release?)

but the contact info:

>     /CONTACT:  Blake Stowell, +1-801-932-5703, bstowell@sco.com, or Marc
> Modersitzki, +1-801-932-5635, mmodersi@sco.com, both of The SCO Group; or
> Anton Nicholas of Sloane & Company, +1-212-446-1889, anicholas@sloanepr.com,
> for The SCO Group/

That's right, new PR firm.  Sloane & Company's clients
include American Express Corporate Travel, AT&T, and
Harrah's, and first among the services they offer is
"Crisis Counseling".


Pretty good PR Week article on the agency's founder.

Seems like Mr. Sloane is more inclined to actually
advise a client than just sitting back and letting
him run his mouth like SCO's former PR agency had
been doing.  I don't think Darl's threatened Slashdot
astroturfing is Mr. Sloane's style at all -- look for
the new and improved SCOX PR campaign to aim high,
at the Wall Street Journal or the real Forbes.

SCOX has to be interesting for a PR professional --
every time your client says something incorrect to
a reporter, the reporter gets mail from people with
30 years of Unix history on file, a PACER account,
or both.

SCOX is supposed to have a "key" announcement
scheduled for the conference call on Tuesday the 31st.
If they feel like they had to bring in a new PR
firm, it might be pretty important, at least by
SCOX standards.

Conference call info.

Don Marti

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