[linux-elitists] Style guidelines for Debian docs?

Erinn Clark erinn@double-helix.org
Sun Aug 8 15:41:55 PDT 2004

* The Robber Of Zork <robber@zork.net> [2004:08:08 22:16 +0000]: 
> A perfectly reasonable thread has degenerated into an unbelieveably
> stupid thread on debian-doc:
> http://lists.debian.org/debian-doc/2004/08/msg00006.html

Typical for Debian lists, though.

> Surely somewhere in the Free/Open/Software/Content world someone has
> established some sort of policy on sexist language that will serve to
> keep Debian documentation in the mainstream of 21st century language
> use?

Some of the people that seem confused or opposed to the changes are not
native speakers. Many people that *are* native speakers are opposed as
well. I'm not sure what their reasoning is, besides not seeing it as a big
deal (though that doesn't really explain their strong opposition).

> These morons on debian-doc are an embarassment...

For the original starting point and the ensuing, erm, discussion, see: 


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